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Default Canada Finds Another Mad Cow

"Dan Goodman" > wrote in

> Goomba wrote:
>> Mark Thorson wrote:
>> > The USDA presently refuses to allow private
>> > companies to test for BSE in their cattle,
>> > because that would reveal the true extent
>> > of the epidemic in U.S. herds.
>> >

>> Or more likely they want to have quality control over the
>> lab testing, and that every test performed is by an
>> unbiased lab?

> I, on the other hand, don't consider that more likely.

me either. the USDA is owned by the big agribusinesses.
every one of the top department heads is from the
agribusiness industry. the only thing our USDA "watchdogs"
are watching is the big agribiz's bottom line. they won't
allow every animal to be tested by the one farm, because
then consumers would start wondering why all farms don't do
that... the past 7 years has seen a >20% vacancy rate in
meat inspector positions. the government won't fund for
inspectors or inspecting. if you seriously think that meat
you buy in big box grpcery has been inspected, well, chances
are better that it wasn't.

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