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Default preserving vegetables for the short term

James Silverton wrote:

Those are some pretty good tips that I won't repeat but I'd add that
celery keeps very well in a plastic bag in a crisper. It may blanch but
I prefer white to green anyway. The leaves will turn brown long before
the stalks are unappetizing even if a small amount of cut end needs
trimming. In my experience, parsley and cilantro keep best in plastic
bags in the fridge if dry rather than damp even if stores tend to
sprinkle them with water.

Cilantro keeps longer if the stems sit in a glass or jar
of water in the fridge. Broccoli also benefits from
having the stem in water. I cut off the last inch or so
of the stem before putting it in water. Within a few
hours, the broccoli becomes very crisp.