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Default preserving vegetables for the short term

Cindy wrote on Thu, 12 Jun 2008 11:32:21 -0700 (PDT):

On Jun 12, 2:04 pm, wrote:
When I bring vegetables/fruit home from the supermarket, I
never know which should be stored in the fridge or outside,
which should be stored in the crisper drawer or which
shouldnt be sealed in a plastic bag. I am looking for the
best ways to store vegetables for the short term (not long
term preservation) I have been searching for a good book on
this subject or even better, a chart that could be mounted on
the refrigerator. Until someone recommends a book/chart,
perhaps some of you have some advice for a few of the
vegetables/fruit I buy regularly.

The USDA or your county agricultural extension service might
have some information.

The rule of thumb is to store them the same way that the
grocer stored them.
The grocer does not want to waste money by throwing away

Those are some pretty good tips that I won't repeat but I'd add that
celery keeps very well in a plastic bag in a crisper. It may blanch but
I prefer white to green anyway. The leaves will turn brown long before
the stalks are unappetizing even if a small amount of cut end needs
trimming. In my experience, parsley and cilantro keep best in plastic
bags in the fridge if dry rather than damp even if stores tend to
sprinkle them with water.

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