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Default Brisket Flat, no fat, what to do!!

On 5-Jun-2008, " > wrote:

> On Jun 5, 2:04 pm, "frohe" > wrote:
> > No worries. Have your BIL to get a pound of bacon and lay over the
> > brisket.
> > It should cook up fine.
> >
> > Oh, and tell your brother to get another butcher; someone who knows how
> > to
> > trim up a brisket.

> That would certainly be my solution. I always try to find the most
> square ended briskets possible, but sometimes they just aren't
> available.
> Since I don't foil, braise or do anything else to a brisket but rub it
> and put it on the pit, I have put bacon on the flat if it tapers down
> to a thin end. Even a couple of pieces will keep the "too skinny" end
> moist while the rest of the brisket is still cooking.
> Oh, yeah. Ditto on the new butcher.
> Robert

I can't help myself from wondering if there isn't some kind of injection
that might work on that butcher. Crying shame about that brisket after
all the work trying to get the butcher educated. But it can be salvaged.
It's hard to say about the butcher though. If he's merely ignorant, a
little education will help. If he's stupid, I'm afraid it's terminal.
to the ballbat theory, there is no known cure.
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