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Default Brisket Flat, no fat, what to do!!

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On Jun 5, 2:04 pm, "frohe" > wrote:

> Oh, and tell your brother to get another butcher; someone who knows how to
> trim up a brisket.

In the butcher's defense, he should have been informed whether it was
to be trimmed or untrimmed. Even here in TX, they sell more trimmed
briskets than packer cuts (at the retail level).


I should've told him more,yes. I know the guy and see him occasionally and
had mentioned to him about saving the brisket instead of grinding it up to.
I told him I wanted to smoke it, figuring that would be enough. Although,
he's also told me in the past that when he cooks a brisket(not sure if he
meant smoked or not, didn't ask), he takes it to about 160 and that's it.