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Default TN Chinon Baudry, Le Grange 2005

santiago wrote:
Emery Davis wrote in
A little quibble: the "basic bottling" is the domaine wine, Les
Granges is a
step up in price if not always in quality. (The '89 Domaine Baudry
that Bernard
and Christophe opened for Santiago and I recently was quite simply


I had the very same thought yesterday, after reading the original message.
But then checked and found that for vintages 2005 and 2006, Les Granges is
actually cheaper (and listed before) than Domaine in their price lists (I
only have the wine lists for these yeares). Not a very big different and
probably a bit misleading, but the wines are anyway so good that it is not
really a problem.

Ha! I live and learn. And, most humbly, remember that Dale probably
tastes more
wines in a weekend than I do in 3 months...

I'll be back to Angers in October, do you think we could meet again?

Definitely, lets plan on it!