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Default TN Chinon Baudry, Le Grange 2005

DaleW wrote:
On May 16, 12:54�pm, Mark Lipton wrote:
John T wrote:
Last night with scotch eggs and Jersey Royals, �Huge extract and youth,
steely aromatic clasic CF nose. Raspberries and plums, raw tannins, yet so
drinkable. This could live for a few years.

Eggs are always a hard match, even Scotch Eggs, but I invariably head
for the
Loire reds too. (We're fortunate to have a cleaning lady who supplies
us with 6
of the most sublime eggs every week, in exchange for our stale bread
(which goes
to her rabbits). When you're tired, nothing beats a quick omelet made
with these,
some charlotte potatoes from the neighbor and butter from another;
usually with
a Chinon a little lighter than this Granges!).

Thanks for the note, John. �To me, Baudry is one of the top producers of
the Touraine. �I'd expect that the "Le Granges" has a long life ahead of it.

Mark Lipton
-- FAQ: �

I'm a Baudry fan, too. Planning on giving my '02 Granges another year
or two. The Les Granges is the basic bottling, so probably not a 15
year wine. Haven't had the 04 (wish I had!).

A little quibble: the "basic bottling" is the domaine wine, Les Granges
is a
step up in price if not always in quality. (The '89 Domaine Baudry that
and Christophe opened for Santiago and I recently was quite simply sublime).

Meant to post this anyway, last week had a bottle of Baudry - Dutour
Chinon (06)
at lunch in a local restaurant. This is made by Christophe (the younger
Baudry) and
Vincent Dutour, and is marketed separately from the Baudry label. The
wine was
elegant and balanced, with round dark fruit and a soft finish. I found
a hard green
note which seemed distracting, but as my companions were greatly
enjoying didn't
mention it (especially as I had chosen). A nice little lunch wine at 16 EU.