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Default my soup recipe

I make a vegan soup (sorry no measurements), an idea I got from a friend.
I cook a pot of veggies (slices of carrot, diced onion, small chunks of
zucchini, and a LOT of diced celery (doesn't have to be a small dice). Season
with quite a bit Tamari and pepper and cook till veggies are done.
Then take about half the veggies and puree them in a blender along with cashew
nuts (I use about 1/2 a cup, but the amt will depend on the amt of soup you are
making). This will thicken the mix and also be a source of protein.
Take this mixtured and add to the pot of soup, mix well. If you want it thicken
you can remove some of the soup and put it back in the blender with more
cashews. Taste for seasonings.
This is a very rich, thick, bisque/chowder like soup and really delicious. I
used to serve it to my non vegetarian friends and it was always fun telling
them it didn't have any butter or milk and no one could ever figure out what
was causing it to be so thick and rich.