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Default No need for farm animals.

On Fri, 02 Jan 2004 21:02:40 GMT, Jonathan Ball

Russ Thompson wrote:

Look Jahnu, I'm not saying there wouldn't be more *food* but forcing people
to go on a vegan diet who don't know how to do so would cause malnutrition
and at least some deaths from starvation.


*** Not to mention that a little thing like the US Constitution would get in
the way of enforcment.

That's but a minor impediment to the irrational
religious fanatics known as "animal rights activists".

It's funny how meat heads always go balistic and have to resort to all
kinds of imbecile and moronic responses when the subject of
vegetarianism comes up. I wonder why that is. I guess they have
neither empathy for other living entities nor the brains to understand
that killing millions and billions of highly sensitive animals every
year in automated slaughter houses is one of the key factors
contributing to the destruction of our society.