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Default 18" or 19" Electric Range Sought

On Wed, 16 Apr 2008 10:36:49 -0400, Agent_C

I am seeking to replace an 18" electric range, where the space is
simply too tight for a 20" current model.

I'm not adverse to buying a used one that's in reasonably good shape.

Any leads as to where I might procure one would be greatly

I'm in NYC.

I *love* Google. Plug in "20 inch kitchen stove" and see what comes
up. For instance

If you're thinking about a dish washer too, you have both the drawer
style and an 18 inch wide version to choose from.

OTOH, *I* want to replace my 48 inch electric Thermadore cooktop (that
has a built in barbecue) with a newer version. Unfortunately every
cooktop with a BBQ these days seems to be GAS. Don't want it and my
mind is closed mind on the subject. Obviously, I haven't found what I
want in electric - so I'll rebuild what I have.

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