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Default Sleazy PETA, gratuitously provocative and tasteless as ever

On Sat, 27 Dec 2003 19:15:14 -0000, "Michael Saunby"

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Well, I think Peta does more to hurt the vegetarian/vegan movement
with acts like that. It's sad, but it makes vegetarians look like a
bunch of insensitive, insane, immature people. We should be projecting
the exact opposite message.

Please, that's nonsense to suggest that PETA does more harm than good.
Can you offer anything better. Personally, they're in my will. I'm a
supportive member. Do you really have any data to support your
position? I think not.

It probably does harm the very many people who choose to declare themselves
to be vegetarian for ethical reasons. Such behavior is clearly non violent
in nature and makes no great demands of others. Proselytizing vegans like
PETA may not all be violent but they clearly aren't simply prepared to
abstain from meat but wish to fight some kind of war in order to change the
world to fit the ideals of their charismatic cult leaders

Though just as the activists see the damage done by releasing mink or
similar into the wild as a necessary loss of animal life to further their
cause (just as those who use animals for medical research see a greater
purpose in their actions) then I guess the loss of esteem for vegetarians
in general is seen as a reasonable price to pay.

A simple google search on "militant vegan" or "anarchist vegan" (or similar
with vegetarian) shows there are a lot of angry teenagers out there that
have chosen veganism as their personal cause (until such time as they die
or get a job).

Michael Saunby

From: "Michael Saunby"
Subject: Sleazy PETA, gratuitously provocative and tasteless as
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 19:15:14 -0000
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Looks like mike is getting ready to find a new ISP, why mike?


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