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Default Char Griller Duo Mods

Hey Joseph - POST!

New blood means new subjects and topics, and it will keep the group
alive as well as more fun.

That being said there are forums with whole sections on modding out
the Chargriller.

Check this link out, and you can just start reading:

Or go hear (with a cup of coffee!) and look at what folks are doing.
There is a sticky called "Chargriller family" or something like that
which has hundreds of responses. That is in addition to all the
others on that page.

You will find pictures, ideas and tons of good advice on both.

On my Chargriller, I added the flex tube to get the exhaust down to
the grill level, I drilled into the lid and added to new thermos on
each side of the grill at grill level, bought a giant chrome fruit
basket to get rid of their charcoal arrangement in the SFB, and made a
mini baffle to extend the opening from the SFB into the cooking

It took longer to gather the parts than it did to execute the mods.
Lowe's had the 3" aluminum flex (dryer) vent and the .99 hose clamp,
and my local restaurant supply had the thermos and fruit basket, and I
used a piece of aluminum to bend an arc into a piece of metal that
just sits inside as a baffle/extension.

With a little work you can make this thing perform like a big boy
cooker. I can easily hold temps in this thing, and the first load of
charcoal/oak mix will go a full three hours without adding fuel.

Here's my personal mod: I bought two of those king sized fruit
baskets. At about 2 hours and 45 minutes (actually I look and see how
many live coals and remaining fuel I have left in the burning basket),
I take the second basket filled with fuel and start it with just a few
coals from the chimney.

When it is just lit, I take the burning basket out of the cooker and
pour the remaining coals over the top of the fresh one. With a little
practice, you can get back on temp really fast. Six to seven hours
for ribs can be done with just one fuel change. Works for me!