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Default Taco Nazi article for Booger

On Apr 2, 12:33*am, "Hoges in WA" wrote:

Can you tell me where this Tinas Burritos is?

Hoges, it really wouldn't be worth your effort to track down any taco
stand that members of this group recommend.

You'd be better off looking at Elmer Dills' website for his
recommendations of upscale sit down restaurants which serve regional
specialties from places like Chiapas, Tabasco, Guerrero, or Quintana

The typical taco stand in Southern California serves the Sonoran style
poverty cooking of the peasants.

Don't get stuck with the idea that you're going to find anything
special at the average taco stand in the USA, because you won't. The
illegal alien types running the taco stands generallly know very
little about Mexican cooking, they just know what their mother made
for them while they were on welfare and getting free United States
Department of Agriculture flour, corn meal, rice and beans, and my
favorite, "Government Cheese", which comes in a brown cardboard box
"Government Cheese", which is a processed cheddar.

If you want to sample the tastes of all the greasy tortilla-based
snacks (they're called "antojitos", meaning "little trifles"), just
buy some white corn tortillas,
fry them in pork lard, and fill them with the cheapest fried or boiled
meat you can buy, add some cheese and chile sauce and you have the
basic taco or burrito.

It doesn't matter what kind of meat, as long as it's cheap and you can
cook it until it falls apart. Mexicans eat the cuts of meat that White
Americans don't want.

Mexicans also make tacos internal organs like tripe and heart and
liver and brains and kidneys, they just cook them until they fall

Flour tortillas are really easy to make, you can use flour and water
and baking powder is optional.

You just make a dough ball and roll it out really thin and fry it on a
flat grill or skillet without grease and when it starts to burn in
places it's done.

Place a ladle full of boiled mutton, some refried beans and cheese and
some extra sauce, fold the tortilla in half one-third of the way from
the end and roll it up and you have a burrito as good as any illegal
alien ever made.

If you can't find any chile powders in Western Australia, order some
from MexGrocer.

You can also easily make your own white corn tortillas from white corn
flour, but I personally prefer flour tortillas because that's what the
Mexican lady across the street used to make for my Mom.

BTW, I just returned from a lovely trip along the California coast and
the beautiful inland valleys I told you about previously.

I've been over there three times since Christmas, and yesterday I
visited the Elephant Seal reserve at Piedras Blancas near San Simeon.
Hundreds of Elephant Seals haul out to breed, give birth, molt, and
wean their pups within 30 feet of the public viewing area.

The inland areas are also beautiful in the spring, with spanish moss
hanging from live oak trees and wild turkeys are foraging in the green

Morro Rock was also lovely as the sunshine cleared away the marine
fog. I stopped to try and see the Peregrine Falcons that nest high up
on the rock, but the female was sitting on her eggs and the male was
out hunting, according to other birders.

It's up to you, it's your choice whether you want to see the beautiful
part of California, or if you want to waste your time in the growing
Mexican slums south of Los Angeles.