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Default Taco Nazi article for Booger

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No tacos at a Mexican restaurant?
Randy Cordova
The Arizona Republic
Mar. 28, 2008
Mexican dining guide.


Burros, burritos are a true North American dish. They are not typical
Mexican fare. But they are a delight! I love a good burrito, flour
tortilla, refried beans, topped with green salsa. We're fortunate here in
San Diego to have Tinas burritos, Beans and cheese, beef, etc... and to
top them off great Victoria Salsa Verde, thickn chunky in all heats...
About 35 cents each burrito and about 30 cents worth of salsa and a
spoonful of sour cream... fabulous mid-day break!

Burritos are not tacos nor enchiladas. They are flour tortilla based bean
goodies invented by the Mexican braseros in the US during WWII who could
not get corn tortillas nor their standard Mexican foods. Flour and beans
are plentiful in the US, so they adapted.


Hi Wayne
Can you tell me where this Tinas Burritos is?

I didn't come across it in SD when I visited recently.

I did find "makings'' in a supermarket that we frequented - something
called Buy & Save or Buy Lo or something. It was near a Mall that had a
large sports shop in it. But we didn't find a Tinas.

But I'd be interested in the one you mentioned for my next visit.
Hoges in WA

They are in the frozen food section at Albertson's. They are made by Camino
Real Foods, Vernon, CA 90058 - and sell for around two to three per dollar
depending on when and what store. There are other frozen burrotos on the
market. I've tried many of them and never found one I did not like.