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> I was given two bottles of this for my birthday and have put them away
> in the cabinet unopened.Does anyone know about the the taste?I dont like
> sweet wine and would guess someone on here should know.I was told to
> hold on to it .They,re Australian from Molly Dooker Vineyards-2005 and
> 2006.
> Thanks,Lee
> From the people at Lovecraft Foods:
> "Cthuloops"-sometimes you eat the cereal,sometimes it eats you.
> "More people in the U.S. die from too much food than too little"-----

Big, bold and kicking. lots of fruit, lots of oak, Actually I have never
had this but still have over half a bottle of another Mollydooker that was
just too much for me. If you like Big Big wines this is a good one, if you
like restraint and a little finesse, . . .

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