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Pete F
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Default Kind of wheat reduces blood sugar levels

"Chris Hogg" wrote in message
On Thu, 20 Nov 2003 00:09:28 -0000, Flying Rat

Mima Mijic said this...
Where I can find it though in the UK or Europe?

Buckwheat is available widely. Try a health food shop. Sainsburys do
buckwheat flour, the Dove's Farm brand (several references to them and
suppliers on Google).

Remember it's only been observed in rats, so don't go mad!

Makes very nice pancakes BTW


Not only that, but it was a buckwheat extract they used. If you eat
whole buckwheat or its flour, you ingest carbs which will put up your
bg. Buckwheat groats (de-husked grains) have a carb content of 26% and
a GI of 54, which tells you they don't reduce bg but actually increase
it, although only by about half as much as would pure glucose in an
equivalent amount. If they reduced bg, presumably the GI would be
negative. Now that _would_ be interesting. Clearly the amount of the
vital component (chiro-inositol) isn't sufficient to counter the carbs
that come with it

I'm surprised the researchers didn't seem to have picked that up.


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I rather like the idea of a product that pulls glucose back out of the blood
back into the gut but as evolution has been working for the last
4,000,000,000 odd years the other way it may be a little while yet.

Pete F