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Default Grocery Store shopping

(Rubystars) wrote in message . com...
Most of the recipes I've found for vegan/vegetarian dishes sound
really delicious but there's a slight problem. Most of them call for
ingredients that aren't even in the store, or if they are, are very

Tempeh, for example. That's not in the grocery store, and I'm not even
sure where I would go to get that. I've never had it before so I'm not
sure I'd want to pay a lot of money just to find out I hated it.

Seitan (yeah, that can be made at home, but you have to track down the
right flour, and do everything right, etc.) Also I've never had it so
I'm not sure I'd want to pay a lot of money for it.

Ener-G egg replacer. That wasn't in the grocery store last time I

Soy flour (never seen that either).

The only tofu my store carries is firm.

Does anyone know of a web site I can go to that has recipes with
ingredients more like "All purpose white flour" that anyone can get a
hold of in a regular grocery store?


All of those 'hard to find ingredients' are actually readily available
on-line. Now that I live in a rural part of the world, I get most of
the specialty ingredients from on-line shops. I order a bunch of
different things at the same time and save on shipping. What may seem
expensive, may not be in the long run, if used for several dishes.

You can make seiten from ordinary flour you find in a supermarket. You
can make your own tempeh from soy beans. You can use a mashed banana
or mashed tofu for egg replacement in baking. Firm tofu is the most
versatile, and if its the stuff in the box, would work well for any
'silken tofu' recipe.

If you email me what part of the world you are in I'll help you source
out these ingredients locally or work on some alternatives. If I can
get the stuff where I live I'll bet you it'll be far easier to get
these things where you live.