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Default Robby's breakfast!!

On Mar 17, 7:39*pm, MAXdaAXEjd wrote:
On Mar 17, 4:29*pm, wrote:

On Mar 17, 7:04*pm, MAXdaAXEjd wrote:

On Mar 17, 3:53*pm, rob wrote:

2 grilled cheese sandwiches
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 hunts snack pack pudding
1 dannon cherry yogurt
1 apple sauce pack.

u likt the sauce dont ya?
u like porkchops?

ha ha. yeah. i get those 6 packs of sauce, usually market pantry.

the market pantry chewy granola bars are a bit bigger then quacker
they are 120 calories to 100 for quaker, and are alil but stiffer

more calories the better. i like chocolate peanut butter ones.