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Default supper time!

On Mar 17, 2:04*am, MAXdaAXEjd wrote:
On Mar 16, 11:02*pm, rob wrote:

On Mar 17, 1:55*am, MAXdaAXEjd wrote:

On Mar 16, 10:54*pm, wrote:

On Mar 17, 1:52*am, MAXdaAXEjd wrote:

On Mar 16, 10:51*pm, wrote:

for supper its a pepperoni tombstone pizza! i will eat the whole thing

whats your blood pressure robbie? lot of salt in that..

just fine. its not like i eat those all the time. once every few weeks.

do u cook it right on the oven rack? or put it on somthing?

you've got to put it on aluminum foil. my mom will have a hissy if i

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lol yep. crossposting is fun.