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Default Advice about juicers

o~do u guys know where i could buy it online by international shopping?~
i just checked the site out again~
they dun offer international shipping~=I
A thousand thanx.=)

"Michael Balarama" bl
I juice every day- carrot and celery-stick in other stuff..I had an
expensive juice and gave it away-I have a inexpensive Juiceman -cost $60.
When you buy a juicer make sure the hole that you put stuff in is large
enough or you will cutting up everything you juice-that is a hassle-that

why I settled on a juiceman-very very easy to clean and a big hole to

carrots in..
"luigisqeegy" wrote in message
. DE...
Is there anyone out there who regularly juices fruit and vegetables?
I enjoy nearly all the fruit juices but find that the vegetable juices

very unpalatable.
Any tips on how to make them more appealing?
I am hoping to buy a masticating juicer, when funds allow. Is it worth

and is one model better than another?
I am a UK resident so there may be limits on where I can buy one.
I would also appreciate any suggestions for juicing websites.