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Default high end red wine kits

oh. well, then. my taste buds are still not in the Merlot family. smile.
Thanks for the correction. I learn a lot from this NG. I only thought it
tasted like Merlot, so forgive me.

I did forget to mention the Crushendo Zinfindel from Winexpert - (I
won't way wow). It is the 2nd best Zin I've ever had. The other was not
a kit, but I'd love to re-taste test them. smile. Red Zin for me, is
great with rack of lamb. wow. (oops)


pp wrote:

Corvina is not Merlot, so you still haven't found a Merlot of your
dreams Corvina is one of the 3 grapes used for Valpolicella and its
higher end brothers, Recioto and Amarone. The other 2 grapes are
Rondinella and Molinara. Are they using Merlot skins in that kit? If
yes, maybe they should call it "Super-Venetian"...


On Mar 10, 12:32 pm, Dave Allison wrote:
Here is what I have done:

Sel Estate Crushendo Super Tuscan- Winexpert - wow! wow! Was ready in 5
months, but after 12 months, this is just great. $40 a bottle type!

Winexpert Estate Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon - wow! wow ! Nice rich berry,
long tail. Great with pasta, or just sipping. $30 a bottle equivalent.

Winexpert Crushendo! Corvina Classico - If you like Merlot, this is
awesome. $60 a bottle in my mind. I don't even like Merlots typically,
but this one blows me away.

I am convinced the more expensive kits are worth it. But having some
lower end ones for drinking or giving away (so they don't ask for more?
haha) is always good to have in the cellar.

Done 17 kits, and 2 in the secondary now, and 2 still in the box.
p.s. I always top up with like wine, not water. fyi.