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Default high end red wine kits

oh. well, then. my taste buds are still not in the Merlot family. smile.
Thanks for the correction. I learn a lot from this NG. I only thought it
tasted like Merlot, so forgive me.

I did forget to mention the Crushendo Zinfindel from Winexpert - (I
won't way wow). It is the 2nd best Zin I've ever had. The other was not
a kit, but I'd love to re-taste test them. smile. Red Zin for me, is
great with rack of lamb. wow. (oops)


pp wrote:
> Dave:
> Corvina is not Merlot, so you still haven't found a Merlot of your
> dreams Corvina is one of the 3 grapes used for Valpolicella and its
> higher end brothers, Recioto and Amarone. The other 2 grapes are
> Rondinella and Molinara. Are they using Merlot skins in that kit? If
> yes, maybe they should call it "Super-Venetian"...
> Pp
> On Mar 10, 12:32 pm, Dave Allison > wrote:
>> Here is what I have done:
>> Sel Estate Crushendo Super Tuscan- Winexpert - wow! wow! Was ready in 5
>> months, but after 12 months, this is just great. $40 a bottle type!
>> Winexpert Estate Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon - wow! wow ! Nice rich berry,
>> long tail. Great with pasta, or just sipping. $30 a bottle equivalent.
>> Winexpert Crushendo! Corvina Classico - If you like Merlot, this is
>> awesome. $60 a bottle in my mind. I don't even like Merlots typically,
>> but this one blows me away.
>> I am convinced the more expensive kits are worth it. But having some
>> lower end ones for drinking or giving away (so they don't ask for more?
>> haha) is always good to have in the cellar.
>> Done 17 kits, and 2 in the secondary now, and 2 still in the box.
>> DAve
>> p.s. I always top up with like wine, not water. fyi.