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Default "HeyBub" sniffs soiled undies was Removing non-stick

HeySchlub wrote:
> jt august wrote:
> > "HeySchlub" wrote:

> >> Don't wash wooden salad bowls either.

> > How, then, does one get salad dressing and other residues off salad
> > bowls? �Put them in the fireplace and season them? �Just kidding,
> > sorry, I couldn't resist. �But I am honestly curious how to clean
> > wooden salad bowls.

> You don't get the dressings out. Just wipe the bowls. The oils and spices
> from prior uses flavor subsequent salads with a unique palette of flavors
> and aromas.

Yes, the lovely stench of rancidity... if you want your salad bowl to
stink you must be another one of those fetid dago slobs.

HeyBub has a soiled undies sniffing fetish.

If one insists on wooden salad bowls they'd best learn how they're
properly sealed and accept adhering to a regimen of high maintenence.
Products for protecting wooden kitchen implements are readily
available, essentially a paste of beeswax and mineral oil. A properly
maintained wooden salad bowl should harbor no odor whatsoever.
Anytime a restaurant serves my salad in a wooden bowl I send it back,
I'm not really interested in experiencing the scent glands of the
prior patrons.

Hey Schlub, get your stinky butt outta here, you filthy cross posting