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Default Removing non-stick coating to salvage a pan?

JoeSpareBedroom wrote:
>> You don't get the dressings out. Just wipe the bowls. The oils and
>> spices from prior uses flavor subsequent salads with a unique
>> palette of flavors and aromas.
>> If you're not into adventures in sublime delights for the nuanced
>> nose, use styrofoam.

> As usual, you are a complete idiot.

No, I am a gourmet.

It is admittedly sometimes difficult, surrounded as I am by Philistines who
find picking hair out of their weevil-flavored rice balls the epitome of
culinary accomplishments.

For those whose sensibilites are not as finely honed, the whole issue can
easily be resolved by choosing salad bowls made of Aluminum, preferably with
a pop-top to match the other china and utensils.

You can't go wrong watching Martha Stewart.