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Default Fish flavor but no fish from cold smoker

On Mar 3, 10:26 am, JeffH wrote:

You may be onto something here. While I don't think the smoker boxes
need cleaning (no oil, nothing to go rancid) I am suddenly reminded
that I used a cast iron pan (a seasoned one) from the garage to smoke
the wood chips in. The season in that pan (oil) could well have gotten
mixed in with the wood smoke to cause the taint.

I have a great old (60 yrs?) Lodge grill pan that I bought many years
ago. I loved it as it put great grill marks on everything as the cast
iron held so much heat the ridges burned those great grill marks right
into whatever you cooked.

When I bought this pan, I took it home, stripped off everything on the
pan, sanded it smooth with sandpaper, finished removing the last bits
of rust with acid, then seasoned the pan. I had been using the pan
for about a year when I decided not to grill salmon outside, but
inside on the grill pan.

EVERYTHING I cooked on the pan tasted fishy until I cleaned it as I
did when I first got it. I tried everything, but nothing worked, so I
just started over and it was fine. No more fish in the grill pan.

To test out your theory you can get a fairly nice inexpensive cast
iron pan at Academy for just a few dollars.