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Default Fish flavor but no fish from cold smoker

I just did a 2nd run (1st real run) with a cold smoker I just built.
Everything seems to work great, and the temperature stays pretty low.
As part of the test, I took a little venison (raw) and dry-cured it in
salt-sugar-spices (just dried cayenne pepper, dried onions, and dried
garlic). I over-cured these (too salty - live and learn) but rinsed
them and went ahead and smoked them anyway with maple chips. Initially
I overshot temperatures a few times and hit 90F once or twice. Other
than that it was 80F or below, and now I have it down to an easy 40F
while smoking. The main items being smoked are a couple sides of bacon
and some hocks, and the venison was more for a test, but they came out
"fishy" tasting. I've never smoked fish in this box, and I've found
this flavor in other smoked foods purchased from elsewhere. What
causes this flavor to develop? It isn't bad (not very strong), but it
is definitely something I'd like to avoid. Any tips?