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Default Roasted cauliflower

I had to make some roasted cauliflower to go with the Dakkah blend I
made the other day. I got the recipe from Jaden's steamy kitchen. She
says it's delicious on roasted cauliflower and she is so right.

This is the perfect blending of flavors and textures. All the time I
was piggin...ahem I mean eating it, I was thinking it's a perfect
cocktail time food. Little bites of still firm cauliflower sprinkled
with a spicy nutty blend. I did eventually put on more blend than what
shows is the photo.

Cauliflower florets tossed in evoo and salt. (did I just say
evoo...ugghh) yummooo. ;-)

Roasted at 400*f until turning brown about 15 minutes.

Plated and sprinkled with Dakkah blend.

Plated up close

Despite appearances no cauliflower were burned in the making of this

updated 2/24
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