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Default Eat dirt and live longer

Heh, i bet SHE feels........dirty? My god that was a bad joke. Sorry guys.

Prepare yourself for the worst, its comin soon.
I believe in those foretold prophecies of doom.
They say its near, cuz its comin fast.
Not every single one of us is gonna last.
So stand an fight, or kill yourself right now.
Itll be one less mother****er to kill.
Skinned, shot, burned, stabbed, scorched and torn.
This pain is real, you cant ignore.
~ Six Feet Under.
"Maxie P. Diddly" wrote in message
... et_

Dirty-mouthed gran chows soil daily

October 13 2003 at 06:18AM

Hong Kong - A 78-year-old woman in northern China has eaten an
estimated 10 tons of soil over the past 70 years, a news report said
on Monday.

Hao Fenglan, from Zhangwu county, Liaoning province, developed a taste
for mud and dirt at the age of eight and says she feels physical
discomfort if she does not eat a meal of dirt at least once every day.

The diet has done her little apparent harm and she is in good health,
according to the South China Morning Post. - Sapa-DP

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in
having new eyes."
- Marcel Proust