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Default Animal welfare, not animal "rights"

PinBoard wrote:
Rudy Canoza wrote:
Cruelty charges filed against slaughterhouse boss

A video taken at the Chino facility prompted schools nationwide to
pull beef from their menus.

By Victoria Kim, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
2:32 PM PST, February 15, 2008

San Bernardino County prosecutors today filed felony charges against a
former Chino slaughterhouse manager who allegedly used cruel methods
to force at-risk cattle into the slaughter box. A videotape taken at
the facility has led to schools nationwide pulling beef from cafeterias.

In what prosecutors called unprecedented charges, 49-year-old Daniel
Ugarte Navarro of Pomona faces up to eight years and eight months in
prison if convicted of five felony counts of animal cruelty and three
misdemeanor counts of illegal movement of a non-ambulatory animal.
Navarro, who was a head pen manager at Hallmark Meat Packing, was
fired last month after the release of the video by the Humane Society
of the United States.


These charges have been brought not because animals have rights - they
do not; they *cannot* - but because right-thinking people care about
animal welfare, and don't want animals to be abused.

Perhaps breeding animals and processing them for food is abuse.

No; not to any right-thinking person.