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Default Indian cooking

On Jan 17, 8:07*pm, wrote:
Hi, I have tried many recipes on the internet and NONE of them taste
like what I get in the indian restaurants.

Anyway, I'd like to start by learning to cook
1)aloo gobi
2)aloo matar

You are partly right in some of the assumptions. Indian restaurants do
make a lot of general purpse stuff. The biggest example is Tomato
Curry Base to make most of the Curry Gravy dishes. Potatoes are cut,
fried, precooked and frozen away like the French Fries in United
States. These potatoes come handy in making dishes such damp curries
such as Aloo Paalak or Aloo Mattar Curry.

As you know the dishes vary from region to region. In Punjab, both are
made as damp.dry curry as well as Soupy Curry. Aloo Gobh is easy to
make at home. Try the following recipe.
This is a polpular damp curry in North India specially duringg social
functions such as wedding receptions. I take a different approach in
my recipes including details as well as the method. Try it and let me
know what you think after you have actually made it.