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Default 1990 Caymus Cab, 1997 Einaudi Barolo

On Jan 17, 9:46Â*pm, DaleW wrote:
On Jan 17, 6:34�pm, "Bi!!" wrote:

WIth lunch of braised Kobe shortribs:
1990 Caymus Napa Cabernet- showing a touch of age with a slight
brickish tint. �Medium weight in the glass. �Very plummy on the nose
with a fair amount of dusty notes. �Red berries and plum on the
palate, a bit of leather and cedar. �Well resolved tannins with an
almost sweet finish. Nice wine. "A-"

1997 Luigi Einaudi Barolo Cannubi-Light red color with some pink at
the rim. �Bright red fruit nose with plenty of typical Barolo floral
rose notes. �Fairly powerful on the palate with plenty of acidic
backbone. �Red cherry, exotic spice flavors and a fair amount of
tannin on the finish but a terrific foil to the rich Kobe beef. �"A"

Nice notes. I have one bottle of the '97 Einaudi normale left. As you
might expect, not the power you describe in the Cannubi, but a nice

Barolo is a tough wine for me to love sometimes. It is a wine that
requires food in order to really get all of the nuances since without
food it can be brutal or charmless. Just when I think I should sell
off the Barolo's in my cellar I drink one that is stunning and the
light bulb comes on and I have one of those 'Ah-ha" moments.