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On Jan 13, 8:40 pm, DaleW wrote:

1999 Lisini Brunello di Montalcino
This seems to be modern without being over the top with ripeness and
oak. Black and red cherry fruit, a hint of vanilla, excellent length,
firm but not hard tannins. B+, with potential for better.

The only Lisini Brunello that I have had is the 1975 regular and the
1975 riserva. The regular has now seen better days, but it was nice a
few years ago. The riserva is still holding well. Beside having a
longer life than the regular, it is a much fuller and more complex
wine. Lisini was a small house back in the 70s, and I believe it was
run by a lady. It was not seen too much in the US back then, likely
because of the fairly low production. I am glad to hear, from your
notes, it still is being made well. Back in the 70s, some Brunellos
were better in the regular than in the riserva grade. Some of the
lighter ones did not seem to be up to extra time in cask to age
required before release for the riserva.