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Default Whole Foods Worker Sacked For Stopping Shoplifter...

On Sat, 29 Dec 2007 13:40:54 -0500, George >

>Gregory Morrow wrote:
>> Schultz, 35, of Ypsilanti Township, had worked at the store for five years,
>> most recently as a fishmonger. He wants his job back.
>> "The fact that I worked at the store at (the time of the robbery) is
>> coincidental," he said. "If I had went over to the book store on my break
>> and they were being ripped off, I would have helped them."
>> </>

>Unfortunately the first thing you have to consider in operating a
>business is not doing something that may allow John Edwards or one of
>his friends to transfer huge wealth to themselves.
>You can be assured that "Mr Thief" if identified will get dozens of
>calls with offers to "help him" obtain large monetary compensation for
> the terrible ordeal of someone trying to stop him.

i would try to cut down on the glue-sniffing if i were you, george...

your pal,