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Default Whole Foods Worker Sacked For Stopping Shoplifter...

On Dec 29, 12:40*pm, George > wrote:
> Gregory Morrow wrote:
> > Schultz, 35, of Ypsilanti Township, had worked at the store for five years,
> > most recently as a fishmonger. He wants his job back.

> > "The fact that I worked at the store at (the time of the robbery) is
> > coincidental," he said. "If I had went over to the book store on my break
> > and they were being ripped off, I would have helped them."

> > </>

> Unfortunately the first thing you have to consider in operating a
> business is not doing something that may allow John Edwards or one of
> his friends to transfer huge wealth to themselves.

Listen Mr. Shit-for-Brains, it is juries who award damages.
> You can be assured that "Mr Thief" if identified will get dozens of
> calls with offers to "help him" obtain large monetary compensation for
> * the terrible ordeal of someone trying to stop him.

Do you think that a jury would award damages in a case like that?
Sure, there have been a very small percentage of cases where
exorbitant sums were paid to the undeserving. Most of those get
thrown out on appeal. More often, the rich and powerful shove it up
the rectums of average folks and get away with it.

I guess you're the kind of guy who worships the corporations like
they're gods.