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Default Whole Foods Worker Sacked For Stopping Shoplifter...

Sqwertz wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Dec 2007 12:42:00 -0600, Gregory Morrow wrote:
> > "John Schultz says he lost his job at Whole Foods Market in Ann Arbor after
> > he tried to stop a shoplifter from making a getaway. But the company says he
> > went too far and violated a policy that prohibits employees from physically
> > touching a customer - even if that person is carrying a bag of stolen goods.

> The employee does have a case for wrongful termination (depending
> on the state). He was off the clock and off the premises when
> the supposed violation occurred.

Maybe he has them on a technicality. A customer is a person who purchases
goods or services. The shoplifter was purchasing neither. He was stealing,
therefore a thief and not a customer.

> This is also why most grocery companies outsource theft
> prevention services and security. Liability.

I worked in a department store for a while when I was in high school. The
store had a small security crew who were notorious for busting kids, but
rarely caught adult shoplifters. They were such jerks that we never
bothered to tell them when we saw people stealing. However they did once
catch a good one.... the sleazy assistant manager. They caught him one
night loading up his car at the truck loading ramp.