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Default A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

George Shirley wrote:
Miz Anne, Tilly Dawg and myself are celebrating Christmas at home this
year. Our descendants have finally grown up so much they're celebrating
with in laws now and we don't feel like driving this year.

We're having a smoked ham, one I'm smoking myself, fresh broccoli from
the garden, green beans I put up in the spring, fresh made bread, most
likely a multi-grain loaf as that is our favorite, and potatoes au
gratin. Dessert will be a sweet bread made with chopped dates and
chopped walnuts. No pies or cakes for us this year.

A dear friend who lives alone will be coming along for the meal and
companionship and we will open presents together. She will go home with
a basket of home preserved goodies that we know she likes.

We sincerely hope that all are celebrating their holidays with family
and friends and that the New Year will be good for you.

George, Anne, and Tilly Dawg Shirley

We had a family Christmas. Good food, good spirit.
I hope everyone enjoyed their day as much as we did.

gloria p