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Default Nutmeg vs. Mace

Oh pshaw, on Tue 25 Dec 2007 01:26:22p, Joseph Littleshoes meant to say...

Wayne Boatwright wrote:

Oh pshaw, on Tue 25 Dec 2007 11:18:43a, Joseph Littleshoes meant to

Wayne Boatwright wrote:

I know the physical difference between the two, that nutmeg is the
seed and mace is the lacy covering surrounding it. I use both in
recipes as specified, and I have subbed one for the other when I had
run out.

What I'm interested in is your personal perception of the difference
in flavor. The main difference I perceive is that mace has a somewhat
stronger flavor and is, of course, lighter in color.


Mace is "spicier" has more bite or kick imo, but i like it so much i
use it as a form of incense, i think i like the aroma better than the

Yes, that's it. It is "spicier". How do you use it as incense, over a
small piece of charcoal?

No! if necessary, if i am out of the mace incense sold at a local store
i will gently heat without carbonizing the powdered mace. But the
incense i buy, while definitely, top note, mace, has under notes of
cinnamon and i think, bayberry, possibly some clove also.

Umm... The incense you buy sounds really nice. I don't think I've ever
see one with that particular combination.

Nutmeg on the other hand seems mild and "smooth" not spicy to me.

It does have a nice aromatic quality to it, though. I especially like
it in custards.

Im more likely to use nutmeg in cooking than i am mace, i make a very
nice garlic cream sauce with just a hint of nutmeg, though i have done
lamb roasts and stews with mace to good effect. I also like it with
carrots and cauliflower.

All good choices. I often use nutmeg with pork roast, along with garlic
adn pepper.

I have had various sweets in which mace was used to good effect, a
pumpkin pie especially, but some stewed fruit dishes i have had also. I
have read of people using mace in a chocolate sauce but have never done

I use both netmeg and mace in my pumpkiin pie, and have used mace with
stewed fruit. I don't think I've ever tasted it in combination with

Combines well with cumin IMO and often goes in my sage and onion bread

That would be interesting. I wonder how that would work with my cornbread
dressing, which is predominately sage and poultry seasoning flavored, and
onion and celery, of course.

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