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Default Nutmeg vs. Mace

Wayne Boatwright wrote:

I know the physical difference between the two, that nutmeg is the seed and
mace is the lacy covering surrounding it. I use both in recipes as
specified, and I have subbed one for the other when I had run out.

What I'm interested in is your personal perception of the difference in
flavor. The main difference I perceive is that mace has a somewhat
stronger flavor and is, of course, lighter in color.

I have not figured out how to grind them separately from the
nut, so if either is called for in a recipe and assuming I'm grinding
it myself, I end up with a mixture.

With respect to the pre-ground versions that come in spice jars,
Pre-ground nutmeg has a very characteristic non-fresh-ground
nutmeg flavor that pervades anything it's added to, whereas
mace is a little different, and doesn't have that "sameness"
to it -- probably just because it's a little less familiar of
a flavor.