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Default Nutmeg vs. Mace

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ChattyCathy wrote:

Miche wrote:
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Wayne Boatwright wrote:

I know the physical difference between the two, that nutmeg is the seed
mace is the lacy covering surrounding it. I use both in recipes as
specified, and I have subbed one for the other when I had run out.

What I'm interested in is your personal perception of the difference in
flavor. The main difference I perceive is that mace has a somewhat
stronger flavor and is, of course, lighter in color.

Mace is stronger, and to my mind, has sharper edges. Nutmeg is for when
you want delicacy. It makes a good Secret Ingredient for when you want
to drive people nuts guessing what that other flavour is.

Drive people "nuts". Good pun Miche

Goodness! That was totally unintentional. No, really!


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