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Default Nutmeg vs. Mace

On Dec 25, 12:39�pm, Wayne Boatwright wrote:
I know the physical difference between the two, that nutmeg is the seed and
mace is the lacy covering surrounding it. �I use both in recipes as
specified, and I have subbed one for the other when I had run out.

What I'm interested in is your personal perception of the difference in
flavor. �The main difference I perceive is that mace has a somewhat
stronger flavor and is, of course, lighter in color.

Even though from the same fruit and even used together in many of the
same recipes nutmeg and mace (aril) are very different in flavor, as
different as cinnamon and cloves. Even though there is some overlap I
use nutmeg mostly for baking but I use mace mainly for cooking,
usually blade mace in soups and stews.