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Default Travel Channel Food Shows

After Christine Dabney mentioned the all-night running of food shows
tonight on on The Travel Channel I checked out the website. I noticed
that on Dec. 23rd they appear to be holding an all day play fest of
Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" episodes. I'm always forgetting to
tune these things in (or set up the recorder) so I signed up for email
I am currently watching his episode on South Carolina and loved seeing
that whole hog 'q with the classic SC low country style mustard based
bbq sauce (unlike the vinegar-hot pepper based sauce one gets in
upcountry of SC) which I love so!
Charleston, SC has been noted to be the "most polite city in the US"
time and again. You get a hint of this in this episode.

The "Made in America" show also looks good. I plan on checking it out also.