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Default What goes with cherry wine?

On Dec 9, 4:18 pm, "Vilco" wrote:

I'm guessing you'd serve it with a dessert. Any ideas?

Are you talking about Jerez Cherry wine?
There are so many varieties, and they're so distant from each other,
that asking how to pair a Chery Wine makes sense just as asking what
to match with a white wine from Piedmont: there are dry ones, sweet
ones, off-dry ones, made with freshly harvested grapes or raisins...
Which kind of Cherry Wine do you have there?

I had no idea. The well-stocked place I stopped at (I haven't bought
it yet) thought at first they didn't have cherry wine or any "fruit
wines" when I asked and then as I was leaving, they called out and
showed me a bottle that was maybe bigger than a quart. The short name
may have been Eastern European or Russian - at any rate, I think it
had a "j" in the middle and an "a" at the end. (The price was
definitely $9.99.)

BTW, this was the sort of liquor store where you can also buy French
bread, other breads, and lots of cheese.

I was merely curious because one seldom gets offered "fruit wines" at
all, and the only time I ever even HEARD of it was in the book "Mary
Poppins Comes Back." (Jane, who's under ten, gets offered "tea or