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Default Look for 1980's Quaker Oats Cookie Recipe

Julia Altshuler schrieb :

> Thanks so much! It's been a while since I tried linzer torte again, and this
> is the inspiration I've needed.

You're welcome !
That's as close to the version from 1719 as you'll get.
(It was invented earlier, but first written down in 1719).

I forgot to mention : Cut the wafer paper so that a thin edge of the dough
stays free of it (to press the outer dough roll onto).

Plus : If you substitute the cassis jam with a sweeter jam (like apricot),
use less powdered sugar .
> (For others who might have to look it up as I did, wafer paper is also called
> rice paper or ostia. It is starch based and edible.)

Just make sure that you get the thin one. There's a thicker version for
decorative baking.


Michael Kuettner

> Michael Kuettner wrote:
>> Linzertorte
>> The dough :
>> 300 grams flour
>> 300 g finely grate walnuts or almonds
>> 300 g butter
>> 220 g sugar
>> 1 egg
>> 1 egg yolk
>> 1 teaspoon powdered cloves
>> 1 teaspoon powdered cinnamon
>> grated skin and juice of half a lemon
>> --------------------------------------
>> 40 g almond shavings (roughly grated)
>> powdered sugar, mixed with vanilla
>> 1 white wafer paper
>> cassis jam
>> Mix flour and butter well.
>> Now add the rest of the ingredients
>> and form a smooth dough quickly.
>> Let it rest in a cool place for half an hour.
>> Now press two thirds of the dough in a
>> (spring)form.
>> Put the wafer paper on top of the dough.
>> Spread the jam on the wafer paper, but let in
>> finger-thick edge free of jam.
>> With the rest of the dough,form a roll around the
>> cake and the lattice.
>> Dab the lattice with egg yolk.
>> Sprinkle with almond shavings.
>> Bake roughly 50 minutes at low heat, until brown.
>> Take from oven, let it cool and sprinkle with powdered
>> sugar/vanilla mix.