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Default Look for 1980's Quaker Oats Cookie Recipe

Julia Altshuler schrieb :
> Michael Kuettner wrote:
>> Could you post that, please ?
>> I'd be interested how a Linzertorte can become a soup.

> The recipe is the one in Joy of Cooking. I won't retype it here. It should
> be easy for you to find.

Is that online somewhere ?

> Linzertorte becomes soup when the dough doesn't bake into a nice crust. It
> remains mushy. The result is crumbs floating in jam. It tastes wonderful,
> looks awful, and can be eaten as a pudding with a spoon.

Well, here's how we do it.


Michael Kuettner


The dough :

300 grams flour
300 g finely grate walnuts or almonds
300 g butter
220 g sugar
1 egg
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon powdered cloves
1 teaspoon powdered cinnamon
grated skin and juice of half a lemon


40 g almond shavings (roughly grated)
powdered sugar, mixed with vanilla
1 white wafer paper
cassis jam

Mix flour and butter well.
Now add the rest of the ingredients
and form a smooth dough quickly.
Let it rest in a cool place for half an hour.
Now press two thirds of the dough in a
Put the wafer paper on top of the dough.
Spread the jam on the wafer paper, but let in
finger-thick edge free of jam.
With the rest of the dough,form a roll around the
cake and the lattice.
Dab the lattice with egg yolk.
Sprinkle with almond shavings.
Back roughly 50 minutes at low heat, until brown.
Take from oven, let it cool and sprinkle with powdered
sugar/vanilla mix.