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Default WTN: 3 French wines, 1 Spanish

"DaleW" wrote in message
On Nov 27, 11:59?pm, Mark Lipton wrote:
DaleW wrote:
Ok -nay, good-
Burg, but I like the good to excellent 2004 Meursault Bourgogne AC at
least as much as this Meursault. B

Is the name of the producer Meursault, Dale, or is this a typo? ?I
wouldn't think that EU law would allow a producer to take the name of a
region that the wine wasn't entitled to, but what do I know?

Dinner was a pork and bean stew with orange zest , served with brown
rice and broccoli. The recipe was from NYT :
as a pairing for Portugese wine. If I had known, I would have told
Betsy to use the Quinta de Cabriz, but she had grabbed a bottle of the
2005 Borsao (Campo De Borja, this is the one with dark label with
beige/yellow accents) as cooking wine. We served the remaining couple
of glasses with dinner. A winner again, at $7. Medium-bodied, cherry
and red plum fruit, a hint of tobacco and earth. Not a lot of length,
but tasty for price. B

In my Sam's spree, I picked up two bottles of the '04 Borsao, still on
their shelves along with the Tres Picos, but for $10.44

This would probably sink into oblivion in a lineup with more
"serious" Bordeaux, but I'm happy to have 5 more for Tuesday dinners
with my wife (actually, maybe I should contemplate telling Marc it
never came in- he hasn't paid me for his six yet- nah, no deal is
worth being an #$%hole). B++

Lo, how those '97 prices have fallen! ?As if you needed another
incentive to cough up Marc's share of the case, this wine doesn't sound
quite attractive enough to warrant a whole case purchase anyway (at
least, if you don't factor in the price).

Thanks for the interesting notes,
Mark Lipton
-- FAQ: ?

A typo indeed- I meant the Matrot Bourgogne AC.
I am delivering Marc's Fri at our pinot-fest, but I would have been
happy to have a full case. Not one for the ages, but certainly not
fading, I'd drink over 3-4 years. I love having reasonably priced
Bordeaux to have with my meat (last mature purchase I made like this
was '96 Talbot at $12/375, I split a case of 24, and wish again I'd
kept whole case). The problem is of course these deals are usually on
prearrivals, gone by the time one tastes.
But the '97 Talbot that cost me too much, was just "picnic wine." And the
bottles of '97 PLBaron weren't much better at more than double the price:-(