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Default Picky Dinner Guests

jmcquown wrote:
> I'm going to my brother Scott's house to help with dinner tomorrow. He's
> asked me to come over around 11AM to help with prep and stuff. No problem.
> Dinner will be between 2-3PM.
> My oldest brother Paul and his "girlfriend" (at least we think she is... she
> lives with him) Audry is coming as well. I met her once, briefly. She
> seems very nice. But she is, according to Scott, the most picky eater he's
> ever encountered in his life. Even compared to me! (laughing)
> Scott's making shrimp cocktail. According to Scott she won't touch shrimp.
> Or any kind of seafood or fish. She says it's "yukky". Okay, more shrimp
> for us!
> Scott is roasting new potatoes with the turkey instead of making mashed
> potatoes. Doesn't matter. She won't eat potatoes. It's not a no or low
> carb thing. She simply won't eat potatoes. She doesn't eat any sort of
> vegetables, cooked or raw. Nor rice, beans or legumes. She'll eat certain
> types of pasta she can identify, such as macaroni.
> We have figured out she won't eat his dressing because it contains onions
> and celery, unless she can't detect it. She has eyes like a microscope,
> tearing everything apart for some small something she doesn't like. She
> certainly won't eat my squash casserole! LOL
> The only cheese she will eat is cheddar but ONLY mild cheddar. Gee, sorry,
> I bought sharp cheddar, pepper-jack and colby. That's too bad...
> Crackers to go with the cheese? Scott bought a big package of variety
> "entertainment" crackers at Costco. From plain table-water crackers to
> crackers with various seasonings. He said if she spots a speck of
> *anything* in the crackers (like poppy seeds) she'll ask, "What's that
> speck?" and refuse to eat them. Apparently the only thing she'll eat is
> saltines. And we're talking about a 60 year old woman. Oh good lord! I
> thought I was picky!
> She asked what she could bring and Scott had to refrain from saying,
> "Something you're willing to eat?!" LOL Well, we aren't catering to her.
> He suggested she bring some rolls. She said she'd get some of those Wonder
> Bread soft dinner rolls from the day old bakery. Scott snapped. He just
> paid them $300 to clean his house - since apparently this is what they do
> for a living. (He couldn't do the cleaning in that huge house while still
> recuperating from surgery.) Scott told me said, "Dammit, at least pick up
> some ****ing Pillsbury crescent rolls or something!"
> I had to soothe him and offer to pick up some rolls on the way over. I
> happen to like the sourdough rolls from the Schnuck's bakery and so does he.
> They get nice and crispy on the outside and are nice and moist on the
> inside. Oh, but Audrey probably wouldn't eat those because she has no idea
> what sourdough is. She's one of those people, if she doesn't know what it
> is it must be terrible. If anyone mentioned sourdough she'd freak.
> Looks like she'll just be eating turkey tomorrow.
> Jill

Screw her, I say. Serve what you serve, and if she complains, too
freaking bad.

-Gina in Italy
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