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Default Mexican Thanksgiving

Anyone want to post their menus and recipes for a Mexican themed

This recipe is so good I recall it being published three times at the LA Times
Once for the original article, a second time for the best of year end and then
again the next year. My made it in 1996 and I still remember it as the best
turkey I have ever had.


Yucatan Turkey Pibil

1 cup Achiote paste
1 tbsp Salt
1/2 cup Lime juice (about 6 limes)
1/2 cup Orange juice
2 tbsp Oil
1 (10-pound) turkey, giblets removed, thawed if frozen
2 large Or 3 small banana leaves, center ribs torn away
Salt, pepper
3 large White onions, sliced
4 large Tomatoes, sliced
3 Sprigs fresh epazote or 6 sprigs cilantro
1 Fresh habanero chile or 6 serrano chiles

Combine achiote paste, salt, lime juice, orange juice and oil in
small bowl. Spread mixture over entire turkey. Line Dutch oven or
roasting pan with banana leaves (leaves can hang over side),
reserving enough to cover top.
Remove neck and giblets from turkey. Wash turkey well, then pat dry
and season inside and out with salt and pepper. Place turkey,
breast-side up, over leaves. Spread sliced onions and tomatoes over
top of turkey. Scatter epazote over top. Nestle chile on top of
turkey. Cover turkey with more banana leaves, tucking them in to
seal. Cover pan tightly with lid or foil. Roast at 325 degrees,
basting often, until nicely browned and thermometer inserted into
deepest part of thigh reads 175 degrees (155 degrees. Manny), about
15 minutes per pound.

Remove turkey from oven and let rest, uncovered, 15 to 30 minutes.
Remove and discard banana leaves and chile. Place turkey on platter.
Puree cooked onions and tomatoes with hand blender in cooking juices
to thicken sauce.
Makes 10 servings.

From Nancy Zaslavsky, Copyright Los Angeles Times, November 1995>