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Jim Lane
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Default Enchiladas Placeras - Puebla, Mexico

Linda wrote:

"Jim Lane" wrote in message

Wayne Lundberg wrote:

Shame on you Linda! It's two pm and lunchtime for my Mexican trained
stomach.... and not a market style enchilada or taco anywhere in sight!!

I'm almost ready to jump in my car and go to Tijuana and stop at the


street food vendor!



Just back from a day wandering the shops off the bridge into Tijuana.
Really nice chili relleno, beans, rice and very good corn tortillas -
$3. Little Jaliscan hideyhole. Next Friday is a day-run to Ensenada,
different street food.


Those little hideyholes are the best. Stay aqway from Avenida Revolution,
those are tourist traps.


The only place I regularly patronized on Avenida Revolucion was
Guillermo's, which is long gone. A couple of the fish places are good,
but pricier than others. Of the tourist traps, I view Tijuana Tilly's as
being the worst.