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Douglas S. Ladden
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William Barfieldsr on 11 Nov 2003 suggested:

> I think you will find the biggest mental hospital in Austin.

This one is too easy.

> I think it is terrible that you would make fun of people that can't help
> themselves.

You would. Humor is how many people deal with things, and in fact,
laughter is anecdotally proven to help people in many ways.

> Do you have jokes about terminally ill cancer patients?

In fact, I do. I have several, and getting more every day!

> How about the babies in the burn units.

Not yet.

OBTopic: I am really craving some Tacos al Pastor con Queso, the way
they are made at Mario's Tacos in Los Reyes, Mexico. They are incredibly
delicious, and well-served.