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Douglas S. Ladden
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William Barfieldsr on 11 Nov 2003 suggested:

I think you will find the biggest mental hospital in Austin.

This one is too easy.

I think it is terrible that you would make fun of people that can't help

You would. Humor is how many people deal with things, and in fact,
laughter is anecdotally proven to help people in many ways.

Do you have jokes about terminally ill cancer patients?

In fact, I do. I have several, and getting more every day!

How about the babies in the burn units.

Not yet. But I could work on some, if you'd like.

OBTopic: I am really craving some Tacos al Pastor con Queso, the way
they are made at Mario's Tacos in Los Reyes, Mexico. They are incredibly
delicious, and well-served.