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William Jennings
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"Wayne Lundberg" > wrote in message
> "Anna" > wrote in message
> om...
> > I was just curious if anybody know why people eat mummy candy in

> Guanajuato, Mexico?
> You have touched on a wonderful cultural point of interest. In the city of
> Guanajuato, when somebody dies, they get buried in the local cemetery and
> stay buried for as long as the family or relatives can pay for the yearly
> dues. When the family does not pay for more than two years, the body is
> exhumed and disposed of. If the body looks interesting, if the facial
> expression, the pregnancy, the deformity, the uniform of a five star
> general... whatever... these bodies have been mummified due to the dryness
> of climate and water-sucking quality of minerals in the burial ground
> itself. Then people pay good money to parade through the museum to see

> dead people. So a whole tourism trade has grown from this thing; among

> is many forms of sugar candy. So, yes, mummy candy is readily available.

> it's not made from the mummies! It's candy.
> Wayne
> for some real fun in the sun!

Wayne, that Guanajuato mummy candy question has been floating around the
internet for years. It always shows up around this time of year.....